The Pit and the Pendulum


                                              In Class


  June 21

       End of the Year Reflections

             Your mathematical growth.


              Your growth as an IMP student.


              Your growth as a team player.


              Your growth as a person.


   June 18


           Semester Final


June 17

8-block day




   June 14










    June 11





June 7

                   QUIZ 2


      The Thirty-Foot Prediction p.363


                   Word Problems   


June 4



    Families of functions and their graphs



   Graphing Summary DUE NEXT CLASS

May 31


        Summary of Functions

  Review Worksheet III     Due Next Class


              Graphing Summary


May 29



       Exponential Functions


       Graphs and Equations



          Graphing Summary Part A


            Polynomial functions:

Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic functions for peer review next class


May 24


       Polynomial Functions


       Graphs and Equations




   Graphs in Search of Equations III p.362


May 21


     Graphs and Equations


Graphing Free-for –All p. 356 Quadratic Functions.

Family of Curves p.386.


    Graphs in Search of Equations I p.357


   Graphs in Search of Equations II p.358


May 17


    QUIZ 1    (standard deviation and normal distribution)


Standard Pendulum Data and Decisions p. 341.


   So little Data, So many Rules p.355


   Review Worksheet II

May 14


         A Standard Pendulum


  The Standard Pendulum p.340


  Pendulum Variations p.342


 A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words p.344


      Birdhouses p.354



May 10

Normal distribution and Penny weight Revisited


 Can your Calculator Pass This Soft Drink Test? p.337



     More about Soft Drinks, Calculators, and Tests

p.384- (Take -Home Quiz)


May 7


             Deviations p. 333


           Penny weight Revisited p.336

   Year Review Worksheet I


May 3


   Algebra Review QUIZ


  Standard Deviation Basics – Ref. p.326



       The Best Spread p. 330


      Making Friends with Standard Deviation p.331  


Apr 30

       Penny Weight p.318


      Mean School Data p.319


     An (AB) Normal Rug p.321


  FINISH An (AB) Normal Rug p.321


                Data Spread p.323


        Kai and Mai Spread Data p.324


Apr 26

          Initial Experiments p.303


          Normal Distribution


     Statistics and the Pendulum p.312


            What’s Normal? P.313


     Cookies Word Problems


      Flip, Flip p.315


Apr 23

             Algebra Pictures

      Time is Relative p.306

     Pulse Gathering p.308


    Algebra Review


   Pulse Analysis p.309


Apr 19

   The Pit and the Pendulum, p.296 -298


     The Question,  p.299



POW Corey Camel p.310 Due next class

Apr 16


               Cookies ASSESSMENT


 A Mini-POW About Mini-Camel p.314


     Building a Pendulum p.302


  READ  The Pit and the Pendulum, p.296 -298 




 In Class   


Apr 11

                Algebra Pictures


          H 24 Just for Curiosity’s Sake p.359



Apr 9

               Unit Review


      “Producing Programming Problems” Presentations.


                Unit  Review

Apr 5


How Many of Each Kind?” Revisited p.348 Presentation


    Producing Programming Problems


  Big State U p.352


   Finish      Big State U p.352


    Producing Programming Problems

Apr 2



     Producing Programming Problems p.357



How Many of Each Kind?” Revisited (TYPED with some hand-written portions)  DUE April 5   USE  proper  Cookies Vocabulary




Mar 21

          QUIZ 2 Feasible Region, Solving system of equations.


             And Then There Were Three p. 374



  H 21 Inventing Problems  p. 353


An Age-Old Algebra Problem p.375



Mar 19

            Systems of Equations


      How Many of Each Kind?” Revisited p.348


  H19: A charity Rock 350


  H20 Back on Trail p. 351


  Finish How Many of Each Kind?” Revisited (can be typed or hand-written)  DUE April 5


Mar 15


         Systems of Equations

          Systems of Equations


 H17 A Reflection on Money. p.343


 H18. More Linear Systems p.346


POW Tri- Triangles  due March 19

Mar 12


           Get the Point p. 340 


   Solving systems of equations


H15 Only one Variable p.342


  H16 Set It Up p.342


  POW Tri- Triangles  due March 19

Mar 8

                                BINDERS CHECK


                              QUIZ 1 (Feasible Region, Max Profit, Equations of a parallel and perpendicular lines, evaluating numeric expressions)




   H13 Getting on Good Terms P.337


     H14 Going Out for Lunch  p.338



Mar 5


          Systems of equations solved graphically.


              Graphing Inequalities.docx


              Rock’n’Rap Variations p.335


BINDERS CHECK NEXT CLASS – All Cookies Assignments up to Homework 9


   H11: Changing what you Eat p.334


H12 and Rock ‘n’ Rap Variations (will collect)


     H12 and Rock’n’Rap Variation Rubric



Mar 1

                    H8: Curtis and Hassan Make Choices question 2


                                  Hassan’s a Hit p.330





   Practice Graphing Inequalities.docx


  H8: Curtis and Hassan Make Choices question 1


  H10: You are what you eat p.331


Feb 26


   Feasible Diets p.323 graphing feasible region


   Picturing Pictures p. 324


   Profitable Pictures p. 326



Finish Profitable Pictures


   H6:   What is My Inequality


     H9: Finding Linear Graphs


Feb 22


    Picturing Cookies – Part 1 p.312


    Picturing Cookies – Part 2 p.318


   Picturing Cookies – Part 2


   H5:   Healthy Animals

Feb 19

     “Cookies”   How Many of Each Kind? p.302


      Graphing Inequalities on a Number Line.


      My Simplest Inequality  p.307


       H1:     A Simple Cookie 


       H3:    Simplifying Cookies


       H4:   Inequality Stories

The Game of Pig


 In Class   


Feb 15

      The Game of Pig ASSESSMENT


                     Unit Summary



                Investigating inequalities




Feb 13


           The Game of Little Pig 129


             Little Pig Strategies 131





         More Martian Basketball 166


         Take- Home Assessment


Feb 8

          Expected Conjectures 160


The Carrier’s Payment Plan Quandary  124


     A Fair Deal for the Carrier? 125


       Free Throw Sammy 163


   Finish A Fair Deal for the Carrier? 125


   The Game of Pig Summary DUE NEXT CLASS

Feb 5


      QUIZ (Probability, Distributive Property)


                   Martian Basketball 123


       Finish Martian Basketball 123


        Streak-Shooting Shelly 118


  The Lottery and the Insurance – Why Pay?  122


         The Game of Pig Summary  due Feb 13

Jan 31


                           Fair Spinners 162



       Aunt Zena at the Fair 120


       The Game of Pig Summary  due Feb 12

Jan 29

                           SEMESTER FINAL             

           Fair Spinners 162


          Heads or Tails? 148

Jan 25

                         SEMESTER REVIEW


                       IMP1 Semester 1 Review

           IMP1 Semester 1 Review  


             Heads or Tails? 148

Jan 23

                 One-and-One 115


              The Theory of One-and-One 117


           IMP1 Semester 1 Review  


            A Fair Rug Game? 114


Jan 18


                            In the Long Run 108


                         Spinner Give and Take 109


                           Pointed Rugs 110


                     Pointed Rug Expectations 157


    Two-Dice Sums and Products 107 #3,4,5


                 Mia’s Cards 113


                Flipping Tables 145


              IMP1 Semester 1 Review

Jan 15


                              The Counters Game 103


                        The Theory of Two-Dice Sums 105


                             Money, Money, Money 106


        Money, Money, Money 106


        Mix and Match 144


             A Pizza Formula 147


     Jan 11

                      Review Quiz – Linear Functions


                          Pictures of Probability 96


                              Rug Games 97


                           Mystery Rugs 102


         Finish Mystery Rugs 102


       Portraits of Probabilities 98


            Average Problems 141

     Above and Below the Middle 142 – 143


      Jan 8


                                  Pig Strategies 86


                         Coincidence or Causation?  p.91


                              What Are the Chances? 92




       Expecting the Unexpected p.90


              Paula’s Pizza p.94


          0 to 1, or Never to Always 95


     REVIEW Quiz SW Linear Functions



      Jan 4

                                 Chance and Strategy 81


                                   The Game of Pig 82


                                  Waiting for a Double  87


                        Pig at Home  p.85


         POW 3: A Sticky Gum Problem p.83


         Supplement: The Perils of Pauline p.291


The Overland Trail


 In Class   


Dec 21

                The Overland Trail UNIT Assessment


                POW 3: A Sticky Gum Problem p.83


          Happy Holidays                   

Dec 18

                     Unit Review Page 2





              Take-Home Assessment

Dec 14


                        QUIZ 3 (Graphing)


                       Applying Quadratics

                   SOLVING EQUATIONS 


                      Unit Review Page 1


Dec 11

                         Exponential Functions

                        SOLVING EQUATIONS

                   Worksheet: Solving Equations

                PORTFOLIO Due Dec 21


                  Portfolio Rubric Page 1


                  Portfolio Rubric Page 2


             Worksheet: Solving Equations


Dec 7

                      Vertical and Horizontal lines.

                    Slopes of perpendicular lines.


                   Parallel and Perpendicular lines


           Keeping Track  p.285


           Keeping Track of Sugar  p.287


     Take-Home Quiz SW Linear Functions


Dec 4

           More Fair Share on Chores p.244


        More Fair Share for Hired Hands p.245


    Getting the Gold p.250, 251

  Family Comparisons by Algebra p.259


   Beginning Portfolio – Graphs Along the Way p.262


Nov 30

       Straight – Line Reflections p.239


              Fair Share on Chores p.241

        Water Conservation p.246


                   Big Buy p.247


                Take-Home Quiz


  Nov 27


       Graphing Calculator In-Outs p.226-227


                                 Mid-Unit Test


       Travel on the Trail p.234 (You are 28 miles from Fort Hall travelling at 10 miles per day)


         Supplement Mystery Graph p.281


  Nov 20

                         Short Problems


                Finish Short Problems


                   Mid –Unit Review

 Nov 16


                  OT Word Problems Worksheet



     All Four, OneLinear Functions p.238


               Word Problems

Nov 15

                   Sublette’s Cutoff Revisited p.229


     QUIZ 2 Solving Equations, Distributive Property, and Linear Functions


     POW 7 Around the Horn p.214 Due NEXT CLASS


        All Four, One p.233

         Moving Along p.236


Nov 8


           Linear Functions, graphs, intercepts, slopes.


                    Graphing with a calculator.



 POW 7 Around the Horn p.214 Due Nov 16


  Who will make it? p.221


  Following Families on the Trail p.224-225


  Fort Hall Businesses  p.228


  Nov 6


              Previous Travelers p.217-218


              Graphing with a calculator.



  Broken Promises p.219

   Sublett’s Cutoff  p. 220

  Distributing, Factoring, and Solving Equations

  Nov 2


               The Issues Involved  p.210


                Out Numbered p.211

                                   QUIZ 1


   Finish Out Numbered p.211


 From Rules to Graphs p.213 (Use - 4 ≤ x for domain)


 You’re the Storyteller: From Rules to Situations p.215



Oct 30


  Wagon Train Sketches and Situations p.205


  Distributive Property Practice


              Graph Sketches p. 207


            In Need of Numbers p.208-209


            Algebraic expressions

Oct 26

     To Kearny by Equation p.195-196

   Supplement: Classroom Expressions p.269

             Laced Travelers p.194


           The Vermillion Crossing p.197


        Finish Classroom Expressions p.269- 270

Oct 23

              Scrambling Equations p255

              Distributive Property.doc

                     Mystery Lots



 More Scrambling Equations and Mystery Bags p257-258


        Explanations and Mysteries


        Distributing Different Ways





 In Class   


 Oct 19

                                         Patterns - UNIT ASSESSMENT

(Functions expressed by In-Out tables and algebraically, Domain and Range of a Function, Order of  Operations - Operations on Positive and Negative numbers, Sigma Notation, Arithmetic Sequence, Sum of angles in a polygon, Sum of Diagonals in a Polygon)


                   The Mystery Bags game p252- 253

                     Why are they equivalent?

       Supplement: Whose Dog is That?  p.51


         The Search for Dry Trails p.190

                Why are they equivalent?

                The Rules of Algebra II

     Oct 16


              The Overland Trail introduction.

A Journey Back in Time p.175                 Crossing the Frontier p.176


               Patterns Portfolio DUE NEXT CLASS


Oct  12

                  Patterns Review


                Cover Letter Editing

                PORTFOLIO Cover Letter


            Supplement: Substitute, Substitute, p.267


                Take – Home Assessment

Oct 9

                Diagonally Speaking p.42


                 Diagonals Illuminated p.70



                  Beginning Portfolio

                  Patterns Review


                  Portfolio Rubric


  Beginning Portfolio:  Describe and give examples for the following:

                   Numeric patterns

                   Functions, domain, range

                   In- Out tables

                   Finding formulas from patterns

                   Order of operations


Oct 5


            Degree Discovery  p.36


              Polygon Angles  p.37


   An Angular Summary  p.38


   A Proof Gone Bad  p.67

Oct 2

      QUIZ (in – out tables, order of operations)

      From One to N p.69         Arithmetic Sequence

           It’s All Gone  p54


           Keep it Going   


Sep 28

       Rules of Algebra Part I

            In – Out tables

     Pattern Block Investigations p.34 – 35



  That’s Odd  p.33


  Squares and Scoops p.40


  Another In – Outer p. 41



Sep 25



             Add It Up  p. 30, 31 





                         Function Notation


   POW 2 Checkerboard Squares p. 25  DUE NEXT CLASS- MUST BE TYPED

                                POW 2 Rubric


Sep 21






  Extended Bagels  p 20


Pulling Out Rules  p. 12


 POW 2 Checkerboard Squares p. 25  DUE Sep 28 (TYPED)

          POW 2 Rubric

Sep 20

        Positive and Negative Numbers

          Marcella’s Bagels p.19

         POW-Style Write up of  “Marcella’s Bagels” p.74


     Inside Out.  p. 10

Supplement : A Fractional Life p.52


Sep 7


         The Broken Eggs p.6

          1 – 2 – 3 – 4 Puzzle.  p 18


   Who's Who? p.7

   Uncertain Answers.  p. 19

   Finish The Broken Eggs write-up.


Sep 5


            Introduction to IMP


   What's Next?  p.4


   Past Experience.  p 5 (TYPED)


   Parent Questionnaire


                                            In Class